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Don't let America be a country only for the 1% - Vote wisely!

VOTE out the GOP!!! This needs to stop!! We can not allow the GOP to take women's rights backwards!!

Our American military has a great history of protecting our country. We owe the veterans the opportunity for jobs when they get back. Unfortunately not one republican voted for the Veterans Job Act, not one.

Woah. Hey, at least we beat Turkey.

Why do Republicans do everything backwards?

His big (egotistical, lying) mouth can actually pit our country and its people against another country ~ to think he would represent us to other nations makes a chill run up my spine. Vote Obama.

"The GOP plan from the day the President took the oath was to obstruct everything, then in 2012 blame the president when nothing works." Vote them out ASAP.

God bless these sweet little children and the educators. May they rest in peace.

Just some of Obama's accomplishments, although I wouldn't call these his top 10.