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Bulimia - Anorexia

Sorry for the graphic picture but its something I feel strongly about and believe needs to be said. People with eating disorders do not chose to hate their body or themselves, it's a mental illness and therefore something they can't control. Too many people treat those suffering with an eating disorder like there is something wrong with them when instead we should be supporting them.

When Anorexic people eat, they see it as failure. When they fail at what they are trying to accomplish, some begin to hate themselves even more. This can be even more damaging because not only are they hating what they look like, but hating how they are acting too.

Anorexia and Your Body

"Up to 70 million people world wide struggle with an eating disorder."

Nothing glamorous about eating disorders


The High Price of Eating Disorders - There are about 8 million Americans with eating disorders.

Support for people with eating disorders

A lot of eating disorders go unnoticed because girls don't usually talk about it. There are people who have eating disorders and they go unnoticed until there are extreme physical changes.