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What Does Viper Venom Do To Blood? | I Fucking Love Science

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) are thought to be the only mammals that can see ultraviolet light. A study in 2011 revealed that reindeer can see light with wavelengths as low as 320 nm, considerably below the human threshold of 400 nm. It is thought that this ability helps them to survive in the Arctic, because many objects that blend into the landscape in visible light, such as urine and fur, produce sharp contrasts in ultraviolet light.

A full hour of Friends bloopers? Heck yes! Saving this for a bad day.

Cochlea from Inner Ear. Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph of the inside of a guinea pig inner ear showing the hearing organ, or cochlea. Running along the spiral structure are rows of sensory cells which respond to different frequencies of sound. The whole organ is just a few millimeters long.

The research: Until the mid-1990s, nobody knew there was a lake two miles under Antarctica’s icy Vostok Station. Now Lake Vostok is understood to hold more water than almost any other lake in the world. On Sunday, a Russian team drilled through the ice to the lake’s surface, a process that has taken more than 20 years. Read related article.

cool snakes

Man with two-hundred-pound boa constrictor. c. 1906

A hands-on science demonstration (and sensory tub idea) to learn what blood is made of!