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Everyone is entitled to their opinion but facts are facts! VOTE the LYING GOP OUT!

Facts DO tend to have a liberal bias.

Fox News Republicans..following like sheep!!


Oh, so you support the troops…

It's amazing that those that think they are saving America are really doing the work of a billionaire oil glutton.

-Acceptance of Evolution Science by State. Conservative policies in red states also lag far behind in terms of high school and college graduation rates, IQ, educational quality, teen pregnancy, median income paid to workers, unionization rates, poverty, murder rate, theft, divorce rate, generosity, health care, and life expectancy. source article: old.richarddawkin...

Watching Fox News only gives you the ILLUSION of knowledge. Studies show that those who watch Fox News are found to less informed than those who watch no news.

Republican Jobs Plan

If you don't think there is a difference between republican and democrat, you need to take another look. The republicans support oil subsidies.