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Vicki Thomas
Vicki Thomas • 2 years ago

Louis I, the Pious (778 - 840). King of the Franks from 814 to 840. Led France through three civil wars.

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LOUIS I 'THE PIOUS' HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR 778-840 also called the Fair was the King of Aquitaine from 781. He was also King of the Franks and co-Emperor (as Louis I) with his father, CHARLEMANGE, from 813. As the only surviving adult son of Charlemagne and Hildegard, he became the sole ruler of the Franks after his father's death in 814. 37th G GRANDFATHER

Louis IX of France - 25th grandfather

Charlemagne, a figure of great splendor, who became the model for Kings and Emperors. Charlemagne (742 - 814), also known as Charles the Great or Charles I, was the King of the Franks from 768, the King of Italy from 774, and from 800 the first emperor in western Europe since the collapse of the Western Roman Empire three centuries earlier. The expanded Frankish state he founded is called the Carolingian Empire.

Louis, Dauphin of France, was the son of King Louis XV of France. He died at the age of 36 while his father was still alive, thus never becoming king himself. He was the father of three kings of France, Louis XVI, XVIII, and Charles X.

Alfonso I, "the Great" King of the Portuguese. (1109-1185) Founder and First King of Portugal.

Louis XI, the Prudent (1423 - 1483). King of France from 1461 to 1483. He married Margaret of Scotland and had no children. He then married Charlotte of Savoy and had three children. He was very superstitious and is considered the first modern King of France.

Charlemagne's father. Pepin the Short ( ? - 768) King of the Franks from 752 to 768. First king of the Carolingian dynasty. 9 known lines of descent.

Hugh Capet (939 - 996). Also known as Hugh the Great. King of the Franks from 987 to 996. He married Adelaide of Aquitaine and had three children. He is the founder of the Capetian dynasty, which ruler France from 987 to 1328. All other ruling houses of France have been cadet branches of the house of Capet. 5 known lines of descent (34h, 35th, 37th great-grandfather)

Charlemagne, Charles the Great, King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor......My 42nd GG Father

King of France Louis VI | Adele Queen of Louis VI le Gros King of France. Ancestors

Pepin the Short/Younger, King of the Franks. Father of Charlemagne. (43rd great grandfather on mom's side)