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But Nearly Two-Thirds of Households That Paid No Income Tax Paid Payroll Taxes

46.4% of Households Paid No Federal Income Tax for 2011

Who pays taxes

Who Paid Neither Income Nor Payroll Taxes?

Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil | Mother Jones

Here are the income taxes paid by the respective income percentiles. Note how little the bottom half pay (blue). Note how much more as a percentage of the whole the top 5% are paying.

When you have only 400 Americans paying almost as much in federal income taxes as the entire bottom 50% of American filing income tax returns, I think we can dismiss any notion of the rich not paying their fair share of taxes.

Yeah! We all get to pay some!

The fair tax WOULD work; don't believe the lie that the poor would pay the most. The rich buy more stuff (and more expensive stuff); don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Stop the government from reaching too far in your pocket by supporting the truly fair tax: ABOLISH THE IRS!!

The 1 percent vs. President Obama by Chrystia Freeland. Increasing taxes for the Filthy Rich might make sense if the added funds actually went to benefit the nation instead of the connected elite of which Obama and his supporters are well entrenched members of. If we are going to tax the rich why not the Super Filthy Rich non-profits. If you can pay college football coaches million dollar salaries, you can afford to pay local taxes to help moderate income taxpayers. It's only fair.

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