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Persephone-Isis holds a seistrum and has a disc-and-crescent ornament on her head. Archaeological Museum, Iraklion, Crete, Greece.

The Mysterious Ajanta Caves – Ancient Temples Carved From Solid Rock

"Greek kitchen"Greece - Archaeological Museum of Delos

Marble relief of a horseman late hellenistic period-1st century BC

A marvellous wall painting showing the abduction of Persephone by Hades, The Ancient Aegae , Vergina Macedonia , Northern Greece

Detail :Apollo, chryselephantine sculpture, Delphi Archaeological museum, Greece

The busts of a male, a female and two children are represented within the apsidal surface of the slab. The accompanying inscription commemorates the reason the work was created: ΕΠΙΓΩΝΗ ΜΑΡΚΩ ΤΩ ΓΛΥΚΥΤΑΤΩ ΑΝΔΡΙ ΜΝΙΑCΧΑΡ ΙΝ (Epigone in memory of her husband Markos). From northern Greece, AD 200-250. H. 0.71 m. Gift of Petros Protonotarios. (ΓΕ 31419) Text from museum website. Benaki Museum - Μουσείο Μπενάκη Athens, Greece

"Teotihuacan is created according to a specific layout. The Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon, and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl are in the same layout as Orion's Belt, which is basically the formation, which the three pyramids of the Giza Plateau have been laid out into, as well." (Ancient Aliens S03E06)