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Compare unit rates in equation and graph...CCSS 8.EE.5

Real-life Unit Rate Activity for middle school math broken down step-by-step. Reinforces procedure to find the unit rate of three student chosen items from any grocery store advertisement. Students love unit rates because of the relevancy!

Teaching students how to think about fractions from multiple perspectives. Common Core mathematical thinking

Need to grab the attention of your students? Try using data from "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins and the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling! CCSS 6.SP CCSS 7.SP CCSS S-ID

Discovering Unit Rates - Grade 7 Pre-Algebra - 1/2 sheet for each student. I print the extra question on the back so they have more room for their work.

Math = Love: Algebra 2 Describing Graphs Unit

Common Core Math: FREE Back-to-School eBook for Grades 6-12 - lots of great tips about the CCSS!

Two Foldables-Ratio, Rate, and Proportion and Measures of Central Tendency

15 Math Puzzles to challenge your students! 3 Differentiation options provided. Algebraic Equations: Finding Solutions, Combining Like Terms, Decimals: Division, Decimals: Multiplication, Equivalent Measurements: Customary Units, Equivalent Measurements: Metric Units, Evaluate Exponents, Fractions: Multiplication, Fractions: Division, Inequalities, Integers: Add and Subtract, Integers: Multiply and Divide, Prime, Composite, and Square Numbers, Prime Factorization, Scientific Notation $