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Wahoooo! All 1,000 SMAC! monkeys have arrived at my front door. Now, we work like mad to get these little guys mailed out. Look out #cancer, NoMo & Phoenix have officially been unleashed!!!! (Need to order a SMAC! ya go: #SMACancer #beatcancer #endcancer #startup

Want a SMAC! monkey? Want to GIVE a SMAC! monkey? Email smacnation@smacan... with your choice. Let the matching begin!! #beatcancer #SMACancer #cancer

Angel wanted to help out her teacher who has cancer. So, she got him a SMAC! monkey. SHE also got a surprise SMAC! monkey too. From Angel's Mom: "Thank you for making this possible, Angel feels as if she's along side with Mr Carney via there monkeys xo." #cancer #beatcancer #SMACancer $23.99

Here is the SMAC! packaging. No worries, in addition to insane cancer-crushing abilities, the SMAC! monkeys have special "non-suffocation" powers, too!!! #SMACancer #cancer #beatcancer

Yay! Getting pre-orders of the SMAC! Monkeys ready to ship out. They're anxious to be cancer-crushing companions. Give a SMAC! Monkey: #cancer #SMACancer #endcancer

They are here! Giving No Mo and Phoenix lots of love before sending them to their forever homes. Give someone you love with/impacted by #cancer a SMAC! monkey for some love & comfort through their journey. Order here: #SMACancer #beatcancer

Alannah and NoMo the all cancer-fighting SMAC! monkey!! #cancer #SMACancer #beatcancer $23.99

My smac monkey's in honor of my granda xo - Hadley. Give someone you love with #cancer a SMAC! monkey for some love & comfort through their journey. Order here: #SMACancer

"This little guy is really special to me. You see..Leslie Lehrman was my sister and it's because of her that SMAC was created. It is Leslie's legacy...her hope to help bring comfort to so many struggling with this dreaded disease. To see it come to fruition is so humbling. So many emotions....heartache, pride, and hope." Join the movement. Give someone with/impacted by #cancer a SMAC! monkey to help them SMAC! it outta the park. #SMACancer #beatcancer #SMACFounders