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Bonnie Gantz
Bonnie Gantz • 49 weeks ago

Elizebeth Smith Friedman was a cryptanalyst and author, and a pioneer in U.S. cryptography. She has been dubbed "America's first female cryptanalyst". Although she is often referred to as the wife of William F. Friedman, a notable cryptographer credited with numerous contributions to cryptology, she enjoyed many successes in her own right, and it was Elizebeth who first introduced her husband to the field.

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World War II U.S. Army veteran and Nurse who served in the Battle of the Bulge. Lt. Katherine Flynn Nolan. There are some beautiful articles about her on NPR:

In 1936, Hitler hosted the Olympics in Berlin, intending for them to be a showcase of Aryan supremacy. American Jesse Owens shattered that goal when he won four gold medals in track & field.

Young Albert Einstein, 1882

Count Alfred Émilien O'Hara van Nieuwerkerke (16 April 1811, Paris – 16 January 1892, Gattaiola, near Lucca) was a French sculptor of Dutch descent (his grandfather was the illegitimate son of a minor stadholder) and a high-level civil servant in the Second French Empire. He is also notable as the lover of Mathilde Bonaparte, after her estrangement from her husband Anatole Demidov.

Minamoto no Yorimasa (源 頼政?) (1106–1180) was a prominent Japanese poet whose works appeared in various anthologies. He served eight different emperors in his long career, holding posts such as hyōgo no kami (head of the arsenal). He was also a warrior, leading the Minamoto armies at the beginning of the Genpei War.

Boniface of Montferrat (Italian: Bonifacio del Monferrato; Greek: Βονιφάτιος Μομφερρατικός, Vonifatios Momferratikos) (c. 1150 – 1207) was Marquess of Montferrat and the leader of the Fourth Crusade. He was the third son of William V of Montferrat and Judith of Babenberg, born after his father's return from the Second Crusade. He was a younger brother of William 'Longsword', Count of Jaffa and Ascalon, and of Conrad I of Jerusalem.

André Furtado de Mendonça (1558 – April 1, 1611) was a captain and governor of Portuguese India, and a military commander during Portuguese expansion into Ceylon, India, Indonesia and Malacca.

Herbert Rowse Armstrong TD. MA. was an English solicitor and convicted murderer, the only solicitor in the history of the United Kingdom to have been hanged for murder. He was living in Cusop Dingle, Herefordshire, England and practicing in Hay-on-Wye, on the border of England and Wales, from 1906 until his arrest on 31 December 1921 for the attempted murder of a professional rival by arsenic poisoning. He was later also charged and tried for the murder of his wife.

Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro (April 29, 1830 – August 8, 1898) was the 24th mayor of San Francisco, and first Jewish mayor, serving in that office from 1894 until 1896. He is today perhaps best remembered for the various San Francisco lands and landmarks that still bear his name.

Henry Andrew "Heck" Thomas (January 3, 1850 - August 15, 1912) was a lawman on the American frontier, most notably in Oklahoma.

Dr.jur. Hans Heinrich Lammers (27 May 1879 – 4 January 1962) was a German jurist and prominent Nazi politician. From 1933 until 1945 he served as head of the Reich Chancellery under Adolf Hitler.

Maria Kalergis (Maria Kalergis-Muchanow, née Maria Nesselrode; Warsaw, 7 August 1822 – 22 May 1874, Warsaw) was a countess, Polish pianist and patron of the arts. Maria Kalergis had an appreciable influence on the development of musical culture, helping found the Warsaw Musical Institute (now the Warsaw Conservatory) and founding with Moniuszko the Warsaw Musical Society, now the Warsaw Philharmonic. In 1857–71 she frequently appeared as a pianist.