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Stephanie Diane
Stephanie Diane • 1 year ago

Nicotiana Sylvestris! Woodland tobacco - this has a much lower nicotine content then normal tobacco, produces large leaves and is very tall - it is most known for its very unique fragrant smell from the many flowers it produces. Seeds are tiny but easy to germinate and plant is easy to grow.

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Nicotiana tobacum "Virginia tobacco" -- this plant can grow up to 7ft tall with huge leaves. It is amazing that more people don't grow this as an ornamental. Also has pink flowers that attract the hummingbird, and the hummingbird moth.

Poison Hemlock seeds! Eat it, you die - it is pretty toxic, but for how common it is , it is obviously not a hazard. A lot of bee keepers grow this near their bee housing(?) to help increase honey production as it is a plant that produces lots of nectar for bees and other insects such as butterflies. Likes to grow near water.

Tobacco plant

Tobacco Plant This plant comes from the same family as the Nightshades and this genus also contains the plants commercially grown to produce tobacco. It contains piperidine alkaloids which are found in poison hemlock, and the pyridine alkaloid Nicotine which has insecticidal properties . Could cause fetal abnormalities in livestock and mso best avoided in tortoises.

Common Milkweed - Great for starting a butterfly garden, especially if you want to attract monarch butterflies and see their caterpillars - which are large, bright orange, yellow, black, and white.

If you eat 5 to 10 of these seeds you'll be sent to the moon! It contains LSA, which is much like LSD except for it is less psychoactive by a bit and has a stronger vasoconstrictive effect. Either way - this is a very well known psychoactive seed that is also fun to grow with its large heart shaped leaves and, in time, purple flowers. It is a tropical and grows best in places like Hawaii -- Argyreia nervosa (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose) 10 seeds/pack for $3.50 -- don't get fooled by the Ghana strain!

Tea Seeds (Camellia Sinensis) - 10 Seeds/Packet These seeds are take a long time to germinate, but are well worth it! Who wouldn't want to grow their own tea plants?

nicotiana tabacum, the tobacco plant, nicotine comes from the dried leaves of the plant and is HIGHLY toxic. causing excitement and eventual depression of the central nervous system, causes respiratory failure, and birth defects

Oh is that Marijuana? No - but it is a plant that is often sold to look like Marijuana! It is Hibiscus cannabinus - also known as Kenaf. 100 seeds for $3.50, free shipping. This, much like hemp, is notorious for the strong fibers it offers. It grows very very tall.

poisonous plants print

Mandragora Autumnalis - mandrake plant

AUTUMN MANDRAKE - Has a large rosette of dark green curled leaves and a thick taproot. Each plant bears many large (2-3 cm) purple flowers that have a bell-shaped joint corolla with 5 lobes.