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Maya Heath
Maya Heath • 2 years ago

Pharaoh King Ramsis III , presenting offerings to War Goddess Sekhmet ( the strong Lady with Lioness head ) - Temple of Karnak - Luxor

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A granite statue of the lion-headed war goddess Sekhmet is seen in Luxor, Egypt

Statue of Goddess Sekhmet currently in the Vatican Museum. - SEKHMET, egyptian goddess, represented with the head of a lioness and a woman's body and on her head a sun disk, the head of lion is a symbol of strength and power to destroy enemies.

Egyptian figure of the Goddess Sekhmet, Lion goddess of War and Strife Granite or diorite; BC 1390 - BC 1353 King Amenhotep III of Egypt (1386-1349) built a temple at Karnak in Thebes dedicated to the vulture goddess Mut, wife of Amon, king of the gods and mother of Khonsu. In earlier times, Mut was symbolized by the lion goddess Sekhmet which means 'the powerful.'

Lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, Kom Ombo Temple, Egypt

Head of a Cow Goddess (Hathor or Mehetweret)