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Heather Thiele
Heather Thiele • 1 year ago

AUSTEJA is the Lithuanian Bee Goddess with whom some interesting rituals are connected. It was believed that bees chose their own homes according to how generous the farmer was; when a queen hived off, the people followed until she set up a new location, after which the two families were considered linked through "biciulyste", a kind of kinship-via-bee. Neither bees nor honey could be bought or sold, because they were gifts, not products. The Lithuanian language had several words for "death",...

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'Austeja' (Lithuanian bee goddess) by illustrator Q. Cassetti.

We call to Austeja, Goddess of Bees, Austeja we give thanks for the sweet gift of honey. Your Bees Gather pollen from so many of Mother Earths flowers helping the plants reproduce and supplying sweet gift of honey for us and other animals. You teach us to live as a loving community, working together both for the benefit their own community and all other life. We ask that you may strengthen our relationships with each other so that we may become a community of bee buddies. (Lithuanian)

Austeja, Lithuanian Bee Goddess For millenia, bees have been incredibly important to numerous cultures around the world. In Lithuania, Austeja is the Bee Goddess, connected to deep friendship, order within the family unit, strong work ethic, hospitality, and the sun. Even today, one can find shrines to this living Goddess! With the travesty of the bees dying off, it seemed to me a good idea to honor the bees of the world with this doll. Without the bees, none of us would be here!