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Jennifer Posey
Jennifer Posey • 1 year ago

Root Beer Float- Solid, liquid, gas experiment. Ice cream is solid, root beer is liquid, air bubbles are gas. Creates a chemical reaction because the new substance formed can't be easily separated. Nucleation "Tiny bubbles of air present in the soda cause the ice cream to float and are nucleation sites for the formation of large bubbles of carbon dioxide"- from Ice cream fizz.

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Root Beer Float Science - Learning about matter: Discover what physical and chemical changes occur when ice cream is added to root beer. Ice cream- solid Root beer- liquid Air bubbles- gas In one cup put a scoop of ice cream. In another, pour 1 cup of root beer. See what causes the biggest reaction (most foam/ air bubbles). Adding root beer to ice cream or vice versa. Keep your measurements the same. What happens- The solid and the liquid form a gas. Is this a physical or chemical c...

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Love this Solid/Liquid/Gas experiment with balloons: one with air, one with water, one with ice.

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