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Maryann Birdsall
Maryann Birdsall • 1 year ago

Fox and Coyote pens in North Carolina! Click through to sign petition to ban them.

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Pawfect Nation - South Africa's photo: COYOTE & FOX PENNING - 21ST CENTURY USA BARBARISM. At Least 19 States Still Allow penning in the USA Few people are aware of “penning” – a practice that involves trapping wild foxes and coyotes and placing them in pens so that packs of hunting dogs can be set loose on them. The captive wildlife, unable to escape the caged enclosures, frequently suffer horrific deaths while being ripped to shreds...

Stallions forced to fight to the death, a mare tethered to build up sexual rivalry, all in the name of gambling FAMILIES gather in their thousands and children climb trees for a better view of the festival taking place below. A mare in season is tethered to the side of a filthy pen to ignite sexual rivalry among the stallions and guns are fired into the air to panic them into violence. they are not allowed to back down and thousands of stallions are maimed, crippled or killed each year.

Fox hunt.

This is one of the four horses we found dying at the Dennis Chavez Feedlot in New Mexico. They had been left in a pen and were all downers. Due to our intervention, the horses were euthanized and Chavez is facing 4 counts of cruelty charges.

At the feedlots, thousands of horses are kept inside barren pens at any given time without protection from the elements and with limited space to move around. Access to food or water is limited at best. Emaciated, sick or injured horses are left to die without assistance. Our investigators documented the most despicable acts of cruelty and horses forced to die a slow and inhumane death. Dying horse at Dennis Chavez feedlot - a major supplier to EU approved plants in Mexico

Make sure you know the signs of heatstroke. Repin to educate your friends and protect pets.


SPEAK UP! HELP SET MALI FREE! "Mali is the only captive elephant in the Philippines, and she needs to be retired without delay. The Office of the President has issued a directive stating that Mali should be considered for transfer to a sanctuary after an evaluation of her health. A sanctuary can offer her thousands of acres to roam, ponds to bathe in, fresh vegetation to eat, foraging opportunities &, most importantly, the company of many other elephants. PLZ SIGN & SHARE!

Freedom! Switzerland Bans Dolphins in Captivity