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Pinned by Melissa Moxley

Melissa Moxley
Melissa Moxley • 2 years ago


  • Amy O'Brien
    Amy O'Brien • 2 years ago

    I don't equate BC to chemo. This started as a religios debate, Cathloic instructions not wanting to be involved in BC. Fine. But the arguments have become about something other than religion. People don't want their (tax) money paying for something that the person receiving should pay for themselves. Then, I say, why is the arguement about BC? Make it about the billions of healthcare dollars spent to care for people who have, to some degree, neglected themselves? If your mother gets no assistance in paying for any of her meds, she is a part of a very small group. There are many out there who have smoked, drinker, eaten and sat on the couch for years. Pretty soon they will end up at an ED for some reason or another. Maybe they have great private insurance. Maybe they have Medicare, Medicaid or quite possibly they have no insurance. We all are paying for them. Yet here we all are, arguing about birth control pills. Silly.

  • Laura Colon
    Laura Colon • 2 years ago

    No, we are really arguing about govt requiring things of independent businesses..MOT birth control!

  • Amy O'Brien
    Amy O'Brien • 2 years ago

    Ok. I'm a business owner and I believe in following God's will. I don't believe in any life support. No vasoactive medications, no mechanical ventilation, no heroic measures of any kind. No organ transplant. I don't want the health instance my company provides to pay for any such things. Is this my religious right? Is this my right as a business owner?

  • CiCi Donnelly
    CiCi Donnelly • 2 years ago

    Yes I believe it is. As long as you are not breaking any laws in this country and you notify your prospective employees of your policies prior to hiring. Then it is the employees choice to take that job or not.

  • Maud Juliette
    Maud Juliette • 2 years ago

    You should not be allowed to impose your religious on anyone. Especially someone who needs a job.

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