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    I am delighted to find such fine boards as yours. Especially unique are the Steiner and Waldorf ones. The natural material and shapes are what one feels is missing amongst the plastic and techno ones of today and far better for a child's creative and emotional development. Thank you for sharing them and extending my understanding of Steiner Educational design. I have been to the old school building that was a Steiner design that then housed the making of their range of bio herbal remedies and toiletries Weleda. It was very interesting with its curved stairway and subtly non uniform paint colors. Rose pinks held the positive atmosphere well. They were being made in spherical stainless steel vacuum vats, as liquid boils at a lower temperature in a vacuum and retains the healing qualities better. I also was shown around the herb garden that most of the ingredients came from. It was a beautiful sunny day the gardener also had a sunny disposition and I envied him his perfect job amidst the rows of lavender in which bee and butterfly delighted. That is in mid England There is another Steiner design house in the USA which was John Mill's characters house in the film Dr Strange. He is a wise old magician in then modern times who is trying to help the young Dr in his becoming aware of who he is his destiny in the magical world of the battles between dark and light. He is a little akin to Dr Kildare and he is working in the modern 60's hospital settings on TV in those days. The house has wonderful alcove shelves in highly textured plaster walls akin to rough butter icing on a cake and the pastel colors are broken up with the shaded version in those alcoves. I think that was the cellar as it was almost cave like. The attic is very wooden satin polished floor, walls and arching ceiling and a Steiner stained glass circular window casts colors across it. Most of the young magicians training take place in this part and some energy ball lightening charged fights between the forces of light and dark agents also take place. I loved the house the alcoves and stained glass, then that is the point of the design to be more pleasing more comfortable to our senses. It was a great location for this comic book hero to come to the screen in and John Mills gave class to his role as the older magician for the light. Perhaps you know of the house I wonder if there is a utube of the parts of the film that show it like the fight scene.