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Justin Burlin
Justin Burlin • 1 year ago

MOROCHO, THE HERO~ SAVED TWO YOUNG GIRLS FROM A PUMA ATTACK. ALL OF THESE STORIES NEED TO BE PUBLICIZED, NOT JUST THE VERY FEW BAD STORIES ABOUT PITS! Dogs 101 - Dogo Argentino Precious is as precious does. I live for the day these misunderstood & much maligned furkids are once again revered as the sweet, loving, protective babies they actually are. Educate everyone you know about how wonderful they really are! AMAZING ANIMALS!

  • Cindy Williams
    Cindy Williams • 1 year ago

    Morocho is an Argentinian Dogo, not a Pitty. I love Pittys, but sorry guys this story seems to be about a Dogo.

  • Johnny Tice
    Johnny Tice • 1 year ago

    I know Cindy but have a friend whose 2 pitties went to a local lake with him and he was running on a trail and they were running with him and left the trail barking and howling, when he got back to his car they came running after him and one of them had something in his mouth, it was a cougar paw.

  • Cindy Williams
    Cindy Williams • 1 year ago

    Oh lawdy ! Those pit bulls are very strong animals. Good protectors if their not shy.

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  • kristi Bell

    Why are people so cruel? He is so beautiful now. Amazing he lived... *heart aches*

  • fern maher

    Let's do the same to the owners of that dog

  • Virginia Zepeda

    This poor sweet baby! I really wish the same could be done with the people responsible for this!! Tougher laws should be made to protect all innocent babies like this sweet one!

  • Dena Rose

    I don't understand how someone could do that!

  • Michelle Segarra


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