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Cavalon Autogyro with electric motor. (This photo is from the Auto-Gyro USA Facebook page,

Autogyro performing at air show.

Red Bull MT-03 Autogyro

AutoGyro MT-03 Gyroplane, the predecessor to the MTO Sport.

Little Wing Autogyro in flight

A naked AutoGyro GmhB MT-03. The MT-03, a so called Ultraleicht Tragschrauber (Ultralight Gyroplane), was the first autogyro which received the German UL type certification from the DULV (German Microlight Association).

BRS for the Autogyro. "It shoots out to the side. The rope then goes up the mast (not the control rod as in this mock-up) and pulls a sling tight around the rotor head. [photo credit: www.rotaryforum.c... ]

Autogyro MTOSPORT equipped with the Agrigyro crop spraying system. Notice the Bigfoot tires that are also installed on this gyrocopter setup. These photos are from pkk-avia.livejour...; this site is great, they have a number of high resolution modern gyroplane photos to view.