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Kimberly Malone
Kimberly Malone • 46 weeks ago

My 7th graders were analyzing the epistolary story "Ordeal by Cheque," (corbettharrison.c...) and 8th grader Patrick was intrigued by my essential question still on the whiteboard: "Who is Tony Spagoni?" Without evening knowing the story, he created this funny little one-page tribute that used Mr. Stick, so he earned a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award. Thanks for always making me laugh, Patrick! Mr. Stick resources: corbettharrison.c...

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7th grader Emily used great Mr. Stick facial expressions to help tell a wild story from her summertime writer's notebook.

My 6th grader--Kaela--won a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award with this fun page about Cosplay. Learn more about Mr. Stick at this page at my website: corbettharrison.c...

7th grader Mackenzie won a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award with this page from her Writer's Notebook. Learn more about Mr. Stick at this page my website: corbettharrison.c...

8th grader Austin won a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award in October!

7th Grader Ethan wins a "Mr. Stick of the Week" notebook award for his 2-page entry about being on a safari-cal adventure with Safari Cal. Here is the link to his story that goes with this picture:

8th grader Andrea won this school year's first "Mr. Stick of the Week" Notebook Award for this entry she made over her summer break.

7th grader--Hannah's--action-packed depiction of Hercules' 12th labor earned her a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award!

6th grader--Alden--impressed me by taking home and decorating this ten-minute sample of sacred writing to earn a Mr. Stick of the Week award for extra credit. Learn about Mr. Stick here: corbettharrison.c...

My man, Lucas, one of my energetic new 6th graders, decided to take home and decorate this list of four things he might choose to become someday, and I decided it was worth a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award. Keep on writing, Lucas! Mr Stick resources: corbettharrison.c...

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6th grader--Rebekkah--attempted to "bust" the Anastasia myth with this "recipe metaphor," and it earned her a "Mr. Stick of the Week" award. Nice job, Rebekkah!

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