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Wendy . • 2 years ago

Johannes Kepler discovered the laws of planetary motion in 1620. 2012 is the year of the Transit of Venus - He did the math that sent 100s of scientists all over the world 50 years later to calculate the distance of the earth to the sun and venus and venus to the earth based on the Transit. He was also charted the eye, discovering the eye sees images upside down. He laid the foundation for future maths of calculus and even gravity. Religious contradictions with his work caused problems for him.

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Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) Invented the reflecting telescope in 1668. He was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian, "considered by many to be the greatest and most influential scientist who ever lived".

August 2nd, From his home on Long Island, New York, German-born physicist Albert Einstein writes to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging "watchfulness and, if necessary, quick action" on the part of the United States in atomic research. Einstein, a lifelong pacifist, feared that Nazi Germany had begun work on an atomic bomb. As a German-born Jew, Einstein fled Germany for the United States after Nazi leader Adolf Hitler seized power in 1934.

Kepler's Law of Gravitation

1609 Johannes Kepler’s book, outlining his theories of planetary motion, made the radical claim that the planets move in ellipses, not perfect circles. Kepler’s work provided significant support for the Copernican theory of a Sun-centred universe. From the Gallery of the Cosmos and Culture exhibition at the Science Museum.

Wilhelm Schickard (1592-1635) was a German professor of Hebrew and Astronomy who became famous in the second part of the 20th century after Dr. Franz Hammer, a biographer of Johannes Kepler, claimed that the drawings of a calculating clock, predating the public release of Pascal's calculator by twenty years, had been discovered in two unknown letters written by Schickard to Johannes Kepler in 1623 and 1624.

Leopold-von-Auenbrugger was an 18th century Austrian physician who is considered the father of modern medicine. He introduced body percussion in about 1745 where by tapping the body tumors, fluids and other defects could be found. This was a major advance in medicine. He discovered the technique by tapping on wine casks as a child.

John Napier discovered logarithms in 1618. He also invented an amazing calculator (Napier's Bones). An interesting character. A brilliant mathematician who also believed in astrology and the occult.

This is the Oneida Football Monument in Boston Common. The Oneida Football Club was formed in 1862 and was the first football team in America. It was the beginning of the football game we play today but we would not recognize it at all. The Oneida Football Club played on the Common and never lost a single game in 3 years of play. Although the team has not played since 1865 it is still an officially recognized team.

René Descartes, Father of "Modern Philosophy"