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Handle-shaped ornament, Western Zhou dynasty (ca. 1046–771 BC), 10th–9th century BC. China. Jade (nephrite), Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chinese Carved Celadon Jade Lidded Vase

JP: Chinese Old White Jade Carved Phoenix Vase w Lid

Gourd-shaped Vessel, Eastern Zhou dynasty. Shaanxi History Museum, Xi'an. This container for liquids is pleasingly cast in the shape of a gourd. It is decorated on the body with six incised bands, and fitted with a bird's-head lid. The cast-on handle is attached to the lid by a chain with two unequal links. Compare: a similar vessel from Shanxi.

Jade buckle, Eastern Zhou Dynasty, 500-400 BC.

Jade pendant in the shape of a dragon China, Eastern Zhou dynasty, 4th century BC

Jade Serpentine Dragon Pendant, this pendant makes hard jade appear impossibly supple and pliant as a twisted rope knotted at the bottom, 3rd century BC. Eastern Zhou dynasty (770–256 BC) China.