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Chinese Carved Celadon Jade Lidded Vase

Handle-shaped ornament, Western Zhou dynasty (ca. 1046–771 b.c.), 10th–9th century b.c. China. Jade (nephrite), Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jade pendant in the shape of a dragon China, Eastern Zhou dynasty, 4th century BC

Covered Ritual Wine Vessel (Fangyi), Chinese, Shang dynasty or Western Zhou period, 11th–early 10th century BC.

An Archaic Bronze Taotie Mask, early Western Zhou Dynasty, 10th-9th c. BC 周代

Chinese Yellow Dragon Jade Boulder with Base

Ritual Wine Container with Cover (You) | Western Zhou dynasty (1046–771 BCE) | 10th–9th century BCE

Bronze ritual food vessel 11s bc western zhou