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Stone Calf and wife - Cheyenne. c. 1871

Chief of Southern Cheyennes,- Stone Calf, -and wife :: 1871

BUFFALO CALF ROAD WOMAN(1850s-1878), Northern Cheyenne

Two-Guns White Calf by Hastiin Tilden, via Flickr

Bear Wings and wife – Southern Cheyenne – 1908

Long Horse, Black Foot (aka Sits In The Middle Of The Land), White Calf - Crow - 1873

Two Guns White Calf, the Blackfoot Indian Chief whose profile is on the Buffalo nickel

Edward S Curtis - Calf Child-Blackfoot, 1926 by The History of Photography Archive, via Flickr

White "Buffalo" Calf, Piegan Chief, died at Washington in 1903. He was almost 80 yrs old. He was chief of his tribe for about a generation. In 1855, known as "Feather", he signed a treaty negotiated by Gov. Stevens. As a warrior, White Calf was famous among the tribes. With the passing of inter tribal warfare he peacefully worked for the good of his people.

Crossed Feathers, wife and daughter – Southern Cheyenne – 1908

Henry Roman Nose and wife - Southern Cheyenne - no date