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Eddy BROSSE • 1 year ago

Make a comment below to be added to the board. Please consider repinning, if you have other followers interested in London. This is a way of talking to all your followers in one go & occurred to me just now. It needs a name, so I've plumped for 'pincasting'. If you look on the board, there are [modest] pinning guidelines in the description. Over & out pinoscenti.

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Coronation Chair, Westminster Abbey Since 1308, when it was commissioned by King Edward I, all but two monarchs have been crowned in the chair. (repeat of an earlier pin, but I like the angle)

  • InsideGuide toLondon

    I prefer this angle, as it fits more in. Also it's the angle you'd see it from throughout history, i.e. down low, bowing or scraping. There's a good documentary on at the mo' about the Abbey I'm not sure if they're broadcasting it on BBC America, but the Coronation Chair featured in the last episode.

The Natural History Museum, London, one of those grand places!

Tube & a pigeon - Piccadilly Circus, London.

Middle Temple Lane - a special place, because it's not a building but a street. You go through the ajar door. I love it because on the other side, is a little piece of medieval London frozen in time. Temple Church and Middle Temple Hall are just beyond. HQ of the Knights Templar & scene of Shakespeare's first attempt to stage indoor plays. Most hurry past, unaware of what's behind. It's near Temple Bar, the old entrance to the City of London, where The Strand & Fleet St. meet.

  • Eddy BROSSE

    Actually discovered this gem a short while ago! Nice to wander around at the back, chambers, courtyards and al.

The Museum of London, if you love London, it's a must on the itinerary. Deep within the older 'City of London', you need to 'seek it out'. The Lord Mayor's Coach or 'State Coach' is displayed there, and makes an annual outing at the Lord Mayor's show, in early November.

A cute corner of London, unseen ... Ed

  • InsideGuide toLondon

    This has done well in the repins - I keep seeing it cropping up.

  • Holiday Inn Camden Lock

    It has, hasn't it! It doesn't look too common maybe that's why. Is it somewhere on the South Bank? It could be St Katherine's Dock at the back, yet the tall tower building is more like Wapping ... Eddy

  • InsideGuide toLondon

    He's tagged it Deptford, but I know the shoreline pretty well there and I don't recognise the building which is distinctive (it does look like the Tower Thistle in St. Katherine's Dock - but there's no tower behind it like you say). Not sure. It might be the southern tip of the Isle of Dogs near Island gardens over there (has buildings like that). With this path being on the North Greenwich peninsula.

From the 33rd floor of CityPoint - looking West. I need to check where it's taken from ... Ed

The Isle of Dogs - is a tear-drop shaped bend in the Thames. It officially acquired the name in 1987 after 500 years of use, but its origin remains curiously enigmatic. An abandoned farm may have been used to keep hunting dogs from the royal palace at Greenwich. By the 1980s the docks had closed & the area was earmarked for urban development. More than 20 years later, it's an established financial centre with a fascinating mix of traditional working London & 21st century bling.

  • Eddy BROSSE

    We're just next door! Poplar Dock Marina .. fab'!

  • InsideGuide toLondon

    I know it! Used to live on Blackwall Inner Dock, in the late nineties. The next one along. When I moved there, Poplar Dock was a large oblong of water surrounded by nothing, then in a 12 month period they transformed it into the picturesque marina it is now. It was impressive to watch.

  • Holiday Inn Camden Lock

    HM the Queen inhaugurated it back in 1999. With such a long industrial history and so upmarket surroundings, I struggle to imagine as it was back then?? Very cosy anyway now. We love it! Ed