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Rechelle Blank
Rechelle Blank • 2 years ago

Rust-Free Toolbox Battle rust-causing moisture with this surprising tool-kit addition: charcoal briquettes. These barbecue staples absorb dampness, common in garages and basements where tools are often stored. The briquettes tend to shed dust, however, so place them in a fabric bag before adding them to your box of tools.

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Clean rust from tools

This is a guide about removing rust from metal tools. Tools that are free of rust are much nicer and easier to use. Whether you accidentally left them out overnight or picked up some tools cheap at a garage sale, sometimes you need to clean the rust off of metal tools.

Metal Protector ... The same paste wax that maintains a car's finish does a dynamite job on painted metal furniture. Once a season, apply an even coat with a damp terry cloth towel to furnishings; let dry, then lightly buff with a soft cotton rag. The wax will repel water, preventing rust, and also restore luster to dull paint.

Homestead Survival: How to Remove Rust From Tools

“Soak your knives in vinegar to remove rust spots” - Make It Better Forget the vinegar or lemon juice: use a potato. Slice it in half, dip the sliced side in baking soda, and scrub your knife with the potato. Wash, and rub with a little bit of vegetable oil to help prevent more rust! | Cleaning hacks That Don't Actually Work (and How To Make Them Better)

To dissolve rust on old tools and corroded nuts and bolts, soak them in vinegar for a few days. Rinse them with water and watch rust and scale disappear. | Photo: Nancy Andrews |

Home improvement tip: To clean rust off tools (or anything else), soak the rusted part in hot vinegar. For large surfaces like a hand saw, wrap the metal in paper towels soaked with vinegar.