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D D • 1 year ago

"Oma koti kullan kallis" cross stitch. (translates into English literally as "own home (is) valuable as gold" but means the same as the English expression "Home sweet home" )

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Say it in Finnish language! Home = Koti

Almost every Finish home has a cupboard like this :) . #ittala #marimekko #moomin

Beautiful home decor! What better feeling than coming back to a beautiful and cozy home. Get inspired!

This artisan creates a necklace that is truly remarkable. She combines blue, and amber colored stones and Swarovski® crystals and puts them in settings of gold. To complete this elegant look, she also uses the same materials to adorn the chain.

Fiskars juustohöylä (cheese cutter)

  • Kathy Hollowell

    I have on of these and love it!

  • Henna

    I've one of these :)

  • raitapaita

    We have 2 and still manage to lose them all the time! And there's nothing else you can really use instead to cut the cheese!

There are 187 888 lakes in Finland. Here is one of them.

My #Abloy front door key...Oma koti kullan kallis :D

  • Verneri Kontto

    Ei ole kovin fiksua ottaa kuvaa omasta kotiavaimesta ja laittaa pinterestiin

  • raitapaita

    Ei haitta! Avain ei osoittaa osoite ;) Ja totta on että suomessa ovat noin 5.3 millionja sama avaimet ;)

  • Verneri Kontto

    Nooh, tottahan tuokin. Tosin _joku_ tietää kuka olet.

  • raitapaita

    No niin, _joku_ on kovin fiksu...Koska en mie tiia kuka olen!

natural, black, gold, white

omg, now I have to spray paint a pumpkin gold.

Gold White Peacock Wallpaper | Genevieve White Carter