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Sammie • 2 years ago

Very interesting photo. Her slightly crossed eyes give a possibility to this being a PM photo. If so, it is a very attractive one. If not, perhaps she is blind?

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one last goodbye

  • Dan Alderman

    Not every photo from that time period is a post mortem. This is clearly not one.

  • Jolene Fincher

    I agree, they say that about every photo and I don't see it a lot of the time. It wasn't really that prevalent a custom.

The Dead Bride. Or not ?

Woman with her dead child-with her eyes painted on. This was actually a common occurance.

This photo of Rosalia Lombardo was taken in 1984. Why is that interesting? She was the last person buried in the catacombs of the Capuchin Monastery 64 years before this photo was taken, in 1920.

This is a Victorian post-mortem photograph. A post-mortem photo was a means for memorializing dead loved ones. One of the men is dead and is propped up to appear lifelike.

Triplets. The parents' eyes demanded my attention. I think the baby on the right is dead, the one on the left looks like it might be alive. I don't know about the one in the middle.

A partially covered person is to the dead girl's left and is helping to hold her upright for the photo (same child as in the wheelchair photo here). ca. 1865, memento mori

The Living Skeleton with PT Barnum Carte de visite. On the back of this photo is handwritten: "I.W. Sprague Age 29 years Height 5ft 5 1/2 inch Weight 46 lbs"