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House of the Vestal Virgins, Roman Forum - Atrium Vestae was a three-story 50-room palace in the ancient Roman Forum built around an elegant elongated atrium or court with a double pool. To the very east is an open vaulted hall with a statue of Numa Pompilius, the mythological founder of the cult.

Detail from the fresco Battle between the Horatii and the Curiatti by Cavalier d'Arpino (1612-1613 CE) Photographed at the Capitoline Museum, Rome, Italy.

Detail from fresco Battle against the Velenti and the Fedenati by Cavalier d'Arpino 1568-1640 CE Photographed at the Capitoline Museum, Rome, Italy.

Lansdowne Antinous portrayed here as the reborn god Dionysus. ca, 130-138 AD. Tiviloi Italy.

Sandro Bottecilli detailed Painting at Uffizi Gallery Florence Italy

ΙΗSXPS Crowned With Thorns, Fra Angelico Italy before 1455. detail.

Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, 175 A.D. Musei Capitolini, Rome.province of Rome Lazio region Italy

Filippo Lippi - Annunciazione, detail Gabriel (1443)

Triptych with scenes from the life of Saint John the Baptist attributed to Martin Didier Pape French Limoges 1580 Enamel on copper

Roman Fresco recovered from Vesuvian ash at Stabiae on the Bay of Naples 1st century BCE - 1st century CE

Andiron with statuette of Mars Bronze Venice 1600 CE. Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, New York.