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Visit Site • 2 years ago

Vintage tea cups as favors.

  • Dennell Rafnson
    Dennell Rafnson • 2 years ago

    I did this for my housewife themed bridal shower! I spent months before hand searching thrift stores for them and on the day of my bridal shower everyone got to take one home and they loved it!!!

  • Christy Morgan
    Christy Morgan • 2 years ago

    I want vintage tea cups and dinner ware at my wedding next year so badly but I am having the hardest time finding what I am looking for in Houston any ideas?

  • Dennell Rafnson
    Dennell Rafnson • 2 years ago

    I had a hard time at first too, I looked for months to get all that I needed, 50 for just my bridal shower. But I went to thrift shops and antique stores to find them. And I almost always see really pretty plate sets there too. I guess if you don't mind things not matching it would be easier. I think all the different kinds looked so pretty! Just keep looking, I'm sure you'll find some. You could always look on it's an auction site that sells all kinds of cute second hand things. It's been a great thing for me!

  • Susana Sanchez
    Susana Sanchez • 2 years ago

    Christy i have a box full of tea cups im trying to sale..if still intrested..i live near houston..

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