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Piezodorus Litoratus 2 by Davide Rodilosso

Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata) by Slomoz: Commonly found in the woods of North America (from Minnesota and Ontario to Kentucky) they are characterized by overlappin white mandibles. They usually have 6 spots, but sometimes fewer or none at all! #Six_Spotted_Tiger_Beetle

Beetle collection in the Karlsruhe museum of natural history.

Tobacco Horn Worm Portrait by Julie Falk

Gecko toe 120x. The toes of a gecko have bristle-like fine hairs that allow it to climb on windows or upside-down on roofs. Courtesy of Oliver Meckes

Wunderpus Photogenicus, a spectacular octopus with a terrific name has long arms, small eyes on elongated stalks and a pattern which is unique to each individual. #Octopus #Wunderpus_Photgenicus