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Suzi Holler
Suzi Holler • 2 years ago

WORLD'S OLDEST COOKBOOKS. (Circa 1,700 BCE) "Among Yale University’s collection of cuneiform tablets are three tablets, each containing a recipe collection—a total of 35 recipes. Composed in the middle of the Old Babylonian period, fhey are the world’s oldest cookbooks. The tablets were deciphered and translated by Jean Bottéro and Teresa Lavender Fagan in The Oldest Cuisine in the World: Cooking in Mesopotamia (2004)." More at click-through.

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OLDEST EUROPEAN ALPHABET (800 BC, written in Greek/Phoenician, also the oldest existing writing tablet and part of the world's oldest book in codex form)


‘The Babylonian World Map, the earliest surviving map of the world (c. 600 BCE), is a symbolic, not a literal representation.

A cuneiform tablet from Nippur in Iraq dated to 2000 BC indicates the names of strings on the lyre and represents the earliest known example of music notation. Although these tablets were fragmentary, these tablets represent the earliest melodies found anywhere in the world.

Previous pinner: "The #Tartaria Tablets (Alba Country- #Romania). The writing found in 1961 on the “Tărtăria tablets” is the first writing in the world, which we know of (5300 BC). Unfortunately, the signs have remained indecipherable until this day."

Babylonian Map - 600 BCE This artifact was discovered in Iraq close to the Euphrates river in the late 1800s and first published (or written about) in 1899. It has been dated to around 600 BCE. This was the oldest known map for several decades until the Nippur map was finally published. The Babylonian Map is currently in the British Museum.

Male tomb of Varna, Bulgaria, with some of the world’s oldest gold jewellery, 5th millennium BCE

Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July 356 – 10/11 June 323 BC), commonly known as Alexander the Great (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας, Aléxandros ho Mégasiii[›] from the Greek αλέξω alexo "to defend, help" + ανήρ aner "man"), was a king of Macedon, a state in northern ancient Greece. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16. By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas.

Juan de la Cosa Map- The earliest known map to show America, discovered by accident at a Paris bookshop

2 brothers randomly meet during WWII... neither knew if the other was still alive.

1949 - Kool-Aid and Kool-Aid Ice Cream by clotho98, via Flickr