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  • Stephanie Cook

    Please. I'm a psychology major. You think it's ok to discriminate against me and my religion and call it logical, yes?

  • Stephanie Cook

    Excuse me? I'm a seventeen year old high school student graduating with my associates. I've been offered scholarships to Harvard and Princeton, but am attending instead the Art Institute of Chicago and then receiving a degree at one of the two listed Ivy league schools for psychology and I've already taken courses at my local college. I work two jobs and am held in good standing with many professors and scientists. This debate is about religion. Don't be so immature as to attack my intelligence.

  • Juneau Smog

    Oh, is your wittle fake church being persecuted against by those who want equal rights for all? I do feel bad. But it's not me who is saying you are wrong. It's the bible.

  • Stephanie Cook

    You say you want equal rights for all, yet you attempt to take away someone else's rights while doing so.

  • Kyle Curtis

    There is a right to free speech in the Constitution--yet there are limitations placed on this right all the time (inflammatory speech, obscenity, just not limited the influence of money in politics). If these limitations are placed on a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, your suggestion that gay marriages will be "imposed" on Mormon temples is unfounded. To fully be able to have the rights enjoyed by all Americans, everyone should be able to marry whoever they love regardless of race, color, or gender. To suggest otherwise IS being discriminatory. What I don't understand is that although you enjoy the full access to rights in this country--as you are not part of a minority whose rights are put up to vote by a majority--you present yourself to be a victim. Unbelievable. As a Mormon--whose history includes that of persecution and social ostracization--I find it hard to understand your glibness towards denying other Americans their full rights.

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