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Who invented the hot-air balloon? | Special News

18th Century: 23 June 1784; de Rozier and the Chemist Joseph Louis Proust (picture), in the course of their experiments in Aerostatics, travelled in their hot air balloon "La Marie Antoinette" travelled at an altitude of over 3000 meters, for 52 Kilometers, in 45 minutes, thereby setting records for speed , distance and altitude.

Roughly 1.5 million balloons were released from Cleveland's Public Square on Sep 27, 1986

18th Century; October 22nd 1797; André-Jacques Garnerin , successfuly jumps from a balloon, 975 meters up, over ParcMonceau in Paris, in a 7 meter diameter parachute made of white canvas with a basket attached. He is declared the "Official Aeronaut of the State"

Le Reveillon A reproduction of the Montgolfier brothers' balloon. The original was the first manned balloon ever flown, in 1783 from Paris in France.

An observation balloon about to ascend by Australian War Memorial collection,

Lindbergh kidnapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The September 27, 1888, wedding of Margaret Buckley and Edward T. Davis was held at the Rhode Island State Fair at Narrangansett Park in Providence. An article in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper estimates that 40,000 watched as Davis and Buckley entered the “specially prepared ‘bridal car’ of the mammoth balloon Commonwealth, held down by 24 men at the guy ropes.” After the ceremony, aeronauts James Allen and his son James K. directed the balloon skyward.

▶ Wright Brothers First Flight, 1903 - A Day That Shook The World [HD] - YouTube