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The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die

by Saabira Chaudhuri
A Plan for Saving Your Heirs From Frustration and Financial Pain
Katie Yureskes
Katie Yureskes • 2 years ago

25 documents you need before you die -- be prepared. This has been on my list for years.

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25 Documents You Need Before You Die

This is handy.

  • Pat Van Roekel

    It contradicts itself. In the save for 7 years part, it says to save credit card statements, but also says shred them. Also says save the bank account statements for seven years but then says shed them-I am not sure of the source of this information, but I would not say that it is very accurate.

Organizing: Documents to Keep and Documents to Pitch

A list to what/where papers documents you should keep and how long to keep them.

Important documents should be kept, but for how long? You CAN get rid of certain ones to make room for new ones. #organization #documents #storage