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Rowena Murillo
Rowena Murillo • 2 years ago

Writing Prompt: What would your life be like if you lived here? Entire Pinboard of Photographs to use as writing prompts!

  • Lorraine Ellis
    Lorraine Ellis • 2 years ago

    Gosh! I'd be a nervous wreck every time the wind blew!

  • Cindy Maxwell
    Cindy Maxwell • 2 years ago

    I guess I'd have to give up schwan's ice cream~

  • Gidget Loves Milo
    Gidget Loves Milo • 2 years ago

    I'd need to photoshop an elevator

  • Herman Labuschagne
    Herman Labuschagne • 2 days ago

    Ah yes, of course... the castle that my mother in law demanded when I asked her for her daughter's hand. She never could deny that I kept my end of the bargain, although she has been complaining nevertheless. Still, over the years we have come to a silent understanding. As long as she acts civilly I send food and rations once a week. It is more quiet now that she has her own place anyway.

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