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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduce the first personal computer Apple 2, April 1976

Funeral on Mars Field, Petrograd, of those who died fighting the government in the February Revolution, March 1917.

Charles Lindbergh... Job description: aviator and early pioneer

Bayard Rustin brought 200,000 people to the Mall in Washington, in an orderly & peaceable fashion, producing the 1963 March for Jobs and Freedom on a shoestring and creating the blueprint for the modern American mass demonstration. He helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Coalition to support a young, little-known minister named Martin Luther King Jr. He spent 1944-6 in prison for being a Quaker C.O., and 60 days in jail for homosexual behavior in 1953. Click through.

So. Sad ~ A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale. Chicago, 1948.

THE AMERICANS: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT, Shoemaker Inside the Glass Window in Harvard Square by Bimal Nepal

"For retrieval by computer, information may be punched on a special card (top). A blank card is shown (bottom)."

<> 1944: Engineer John von Neumann stands with the Harvard Mark I, an electromechanical computer.

Eighty feet below the suface of Piccadilly Circus underground station, national treasures from the Tate Gallery and the London Museum were stored at the outbreak of war. Here the remaining 200 pictures are taken from the underground under police guard - 4 February 1946

On September 15th, 1963, members of a KKK group planted a box of dynamite with a time delay under the steps of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama. The blast killed four young African American women--Addie Mae (14), Denise McNair (11), Cynthia Wesley (14), and Carole Robertson (14). Following the attack, riots broke out in many black neighborhoods in Birmingham. An investigation later concluded that as many as 15 sticks of dynamite were used to make the bomb.