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Petplan Pet Insurance
Petplan Pet Insurance • 2 years ago

Did you know the history of the Chartreux is the subject of much speculation? Stories of their origin vary from being the cats of Carthusian monks in the French Alps to descending from the feral cats of Syria. Whatever their true heritage, the Chartreux arrived in France in the 16th century, and that became their home. In fact, it was not until 1971 that they ventured upon American soil. Read more about this quiet yet intelligent breed at the Petplan pet insurance website:

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Originating in the French Alps, right outside of Paris, France, this breed was developed in a monastery named Le Grand Chartreux. These cats are known to be good vermin hunters and are terrific companions.

""Fact: Cats Kiss With Their Eyes. Cats communicate with a slow blink, according to feline experts. With their own kind, it's a peace sign, meant to put other felines at ease. Aimed at a human, this seductive blink shows affection, even love. People can return the love with a long gaze and slow blink to "blow a kiss" back in cat body language. The calming blink works on house cats, feral cats, and even tigers in the wild, according to behaviorist Roger Tabor.""

Chartreux is a beautiful breed!

Bébé chartreux

This cat is a French breed - called Chartreux, originally bred by Carthusian Monks many hundreds of years ago. They are great mousers, very friendly, and absolutely a gorgeous blue with copper colored eyes.

Chartreux Cat Breed Information