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George Takei
George Takei • 2 years ago

I get a lot of flak for my posts, so here's a shout out to everyone who wants me never to offend anyone.

  • Kari Riedman
    Kari Riedman • 2 years ago

    working fast food would be the best diet. that or retail

  • Jennifer Hurd
    Jennifer Hurd • 2 years ago

    Love all your posts excluding the disability inspiration porn, which I don't find offensive so much as tedious and obnoxious (which you probably would, too, if you'd been disabled your whole life). :-P Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Sandie Larson
    Sandie Larson • 2 years ago

    Your posts are the BEST! I am a huge fan and love your humor and wisdom. Offending people simply means you're yourself, express your views and humor instead of hiding. I for one love it!

  • Kim Salinas
    Kim Salinas • 52 weeks ago

    I believe that 'taking offense' is oftentimes a choice; depending on how crude it is. I am blonde, and still find blonde jokes funny. I am heavy, but choose not to be offended with 'fat' jokes. It seems like people look for petty things to complain about. As I read Jennifer's post (above) I do believe that it would be difficult to not be a tad bit insulted at disability jokes, as my son is also disabled. But George, your posts are not vulgar, and I enjoy them very much. As a matter of fact, I created a 'George Takei' board! Thank you for the laughs, wisdom, and cyber-friendship.

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