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Filax Luckner
Filax Luckner • 2 years ago

Germany was developing a four engined long distance bomber, the Messerschmitt 264. It was intended to enable the Luftwaffe to bomb New York.

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Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerika. A long range bomber capable of flying from Germany to New York and back, the Amerika could haul 4,400 lbs of bombs at max range configuration, thanks to four 1,700 hp radial engines with GM-1-nitrous-oxide-boosts. Fully loaded, it weighed a whopping 123,000 lbs. At normal load, it had a cruise speed of only 217 mph. Created in 1944, it proved to big and too expensive to develop fully.

The York was derived from the Lancaster bomber and employed as a personal transport for Winston Churchill amongst others. After the war it was used as an airliner by B.O.A.C. and South African Airways,as well as many other countries.

Bournemouth - WW2 Lancaster Bomber Taxi-Past

A German picture of the British Lancaster heavy bomber in flight.

During July and August 1946, 35 Sqn RAF carried out a goodwill tour of the USA with 16 Lancaster Bombers. The Squadron left the UK in 2 waves in July and routed via the Azores to Gander. After Mitchell Field (New York) ,the Lancasters visited Scott Field,Lowry(Denver) and Long Beach(California) ,taking part in U.S.A.A.F celebrations in Los Angeles on August1st 1946. On the way home, they visited San Antonio,Morrison Field (Florida) and Andrew Field (Maryland).

The Lockheed Hudson was an effective hunter in the anti U-boat war.

October 16, 1939: After being attacked by Spitfires of Nos. 602 and 603 Squadrons over Lothian in Scotland, an He 111 bomber became the first German aircraft to be shot down over the UK. (First attack on British territory by German Luftwaffe.)

RAF pilots with Beaufighter and Spitfire at Malta.

The crew of a A-20 "Havoc" of 416 7th bomber group, sitting on the bombs in front of their aircraft 1944..

August 12, 1942: The first American aircraft, a USN PBY Catalina amphibian, lands on Guadalcanal’s Henderson Field. Aircraft based there will become known as the “Cactus Air Force. ”

Avro Manchester - British heavy bomber - World War 2