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My teenaged WWII US Army Air Corps dad.

Virginia Russell Reavis, air evacuation nurse for the US Army Air Force ~

photo care of the US Army Air Force. Bombs falling on Italy, 1944.

WWII American flag raised in France

Clark Gable, Major US Army Air Corps 1942-44 WW II. Although beyond draft age, he enlisted as a private. Assigned to OCS he excelled and received a commission. He flew five combat mission as an observer/gunner in a B-17 earning a Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal. On his 4th mission, a 20mm shell cut the heel from his boot. His discharge was signed by Captain Ronald Reagan.

Dressed in a U.S. Army Air Force uniform, Dietrich waits to entertain American troops in France on June 10, 1944, just four days after the Normandy invasion.

A member of 101st Airborne in France 1944

A teenager German gunner receives a pat down after surrendering to the US Army near Berlin, April 1945. Note the boy standing on the right who is wearing army boots but civilian clothing waiting his turn.