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"Star Wars" Vs. "Game Of Thrones" Battle Is Epic

Turns out that King Joffrey and Jar Jar Binks have a lot in common.
Chris Cote
Chris Cote • 16 weeks ago

Game of Thrones

  • Dani Holmes Buhrman
    Dani Holmes Buhrman • 10 weeks ago

    They hint at it in the books. Specifically in A Dance with Dragons during the bedding after Ramsey's wedding. He tells Theon to prepare her for him and Theon says "I ...... do you mean ... m'lord, I have no ..... I ..." To which Ramsay replies "With your mouth."

  • Emma
    Emma • 10 weeks ago

    Well um, just saying... Anakin got all but one arm cut off at the joint... And his whole body burnt beyond recognition. It's also a pretty safe bet that his junk got damaged from that. So... I'd say he had it worst out of everyone.

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