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The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins - It’s a beautiful piece of work: a simple story, expertly told. There’s enough closure to satisfy the reader but it’s the type of book that leaves itself wide-open to interpretation. You’re left quietly contemplating the beard and the effect it might be having on the community, long after you’ve closed the final pages.

Corinne Maier and Anne Simon - Freud - ..a graphic novel written by economist, historian and psychoanalyst Corinne Maier with visuals provided by Anne Simon, one of France’s finest young cartoonists. ... even if you find psychoanalysis abhorrent, comic books a waste of time and Freud the greatest charlatan of the twentieth century you’ll be hard pushed not to crease your lips in wry amusement.

Parasitic Twin by Patt Kelley. Parasitic Twin is a comic book with hypertrichosis, three legs, lobster hands, elephantitus, and comes completely ossified for your viewing pleasure. The stories enclosed in this book are bloody, bile covered tales of destruction and mayhem, brought to you by a loveable bunch of human oddities.

RABATé * Ibicus - l'intégrale ou tomes 2 à 4 (Vents d'ouest)

Alejandro Jodorowsky - Screaming Planet - The Screaming Planet is a fun read. The collection of stories and artists make for some real entertainment, with a great variety. When Jodorowsky decided to exploit the talents of each artist, he wasn’t wrong. While each tale holds its own merit and lessons, the art only enhances the whole experience.

Martin Lemelman’s elegiac and bittersweet graphic memoir, Two Cents Plain is a wholly unique memoir and a reading experience not soon forgotten.

Final Incal - Alejandro Jodorowsky, José Ladrönn, and Moebius - There is, then, in Final Incal, no hint of a dulling of the edge, nor any softening of Jodorowsky’s aesthetic. The maestro still delights in shocking his audience; he still loves mutations and deformity, but he is also willing to be utterly brazen in delivering an alarmingly naïve message..

Pictures That Tick - by Dave #McKean - Pictures That Tick is a fantastic collection of McKean’s personal comics work. The pages are filled with his explorations and experimentations in writing, drawing, painting, photocopying, photography, and probably a dozen other processes McKean tampers with, all united under the common theme of story-telling.

Minimum Wage proves that Bob Fingerman is nowhere near short on stories to tell. Rather, it’s proof positive that he’s more willing to be emotionally raw and honest than ever, while never losing sight of the essential comedy of life. Not bad for a comic that seeded its roots in the very specific ’90s landscape of Indie Comics. It’s more relevant and personal than ever.

On the Ropes by James Vance & Dan E. Burr - The narrative is truly epic. Every page is a struggle for survival, with the characters barely scraping by while the world is collapsing around them. The art is clear, precise and atmospheric, which smooths the accessibility of this otherwise complex tale.