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Cure for Drunks~~The cure works like magic. Consisting almost entirely of cocaine syrup and weak grapes. If any drunkard drinks copious amounts of this cocaine syrup they will almost instantly lose their need and want for alcohol and will gain a new want for life and fun – and cocaine

OMG! Enlarge this old BQR cold medicine bottle & read the ingredients. The first two are alcohol and CHLOROFORM! and like the 4th ingredient is Syrup of Ipecac. wow.

Coca wine - made with alcohol and cocaine, a drink that was the foundation for the development of Coca-Cola

List of reasons for admission into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum from the late 1800s.

Hastobíga, Navaho Medicine-man by Smithsonian Institution, via Flickr

Piggly Wiggly southern tradition

Gingery, lovely soda pop goodness from the late 40s.

Beautiful But Dumb

  • Bill Egan

    Is this a blonde joke,thanks for the laughs,some good stuff :)

  • Tammi Bailey

    thanks, I just found it amazing how blatantly racist and sexist they were back then.

  • Bill Egan

    I know,it's hard to believe,my mom was a red head irish welsh ,we didn't have any of that crap in our house,was brought up to respect women and she taught me well,i believe in equality ,only neanderthals have a problem with it :)

  • Tammi Bailey

    My grandfather taught me how to do things so i "never had to rely on a man." so I can do a lot and do by myself.

  • Bill Egan

    I was a single parent for 15 yrs,done it all,had no friends to baby sit,my mom occasionally if i had to work late,used to repair a lot of single moms cars to help them,had them do some of my housework while i fixed their cars,i understood very well how hard it was,mom taught me a lot when i was young,nice to have those people in our lives,you had a very good grandpa :)