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Joachim von Ribbentrop, Foreign Minister. He participated in aggressive plans against Czechoslavakia and helped plan attacks on Poland and Russia. Von Ribbentrop also played a role in the "Final Solution" when he acted to hasten the deportation of Jews to concentration camps in the East.

"Hitler pushed thousands of white Arian [sic] German women into pregnancy. He demanded that teenage girls attend Nuremberg rally camps, where they had sexual intercourse with boys and became pregnant. In 1936, nine hundred girls came home from the Nuremberg rally pregnant. Unwed mothers were known as the Führer’s brides."

Field Marshal Ernst Busch led 16.Army during the Western campaign and the opening phase of Barbarossa. He earned his field marshal's baton during the opening of the Siege of Leningrad. Busch commanded Army Group Center, 1943-44; when the Soviets tore a huge gap in the front, he was sacked by Hitler. In the closing days of the war he was recalled and was captured by the British. He died of a heart attack in POW camp in England on July 17, 1945.

List of the accused and their sentences in the Buchenwald trial in 1947

Martin Gottfried Weiss was an SS-Obersturmbannführer and commandant of various concentration camps in the Third Reich including Dachau and Lublin-Majdanek. Shortly after he reached Majdanek, there occurred one of the worst massacres of Jewish people when an estimated 17,000 were killed in one day. After the war, Weiss was arrested by the US and was put to trial along with 39 other SS. He was found guilty and hanged on May 29, 1946.

Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer was a German human biologist and eugenicist concerned primarily with "racial hygiene" and twin research. He received Heinrich Himmler's permission to work in Auschwitz from 1944 on. One of Verschuer's best known assistants was Josef Mengele, who, as one of the SS physicians at the Auschwitz death camp, later became known as the "Angel of Death". In this photo, Verschuer (rear) supervises anthropometric measurements. A Nazi war criminal,Verschuer was never tried.

A war crimes investigation photo of the disfigured leg of a survivor from Ravensbrueck, Polish political prisoner Helena Hegier (Rafalska), who was subjected to medical experiments in 1942. This photograph was entered as evidence for the prosecution at the Medical Trial in Nuremberg. The disfiguring scars resulted from incisions made by medical personnel that were purposely infected with bacteria, dirt, and slivers of glass. — DIZ Muenchen GMBH, Sueddeutscher Verlag Bilderdienst

Rudolf Höss pitifully attempting to avoid the noose at Auschwitz. There have been accusations -made by those of less-than-stellar character - that Höss was tortured by the British before his trial.


Hitler wearing lederhosen whilst striking an “absurdly camp pose”.  Photograph by Heinrich Hoffmann.What an ass!He looks like a nerd!