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Crystal Miller
Crystal Miller • 1 year ago

ANNESLEY HALL ~ Nottinghamshire, England - Originally built as a hunting lodge in 1156 - home to the infamous Chaworth-Musters family - there's even a rumor that Robin Hood once called the hall (empty since 1997 when it was severely damaged by fire) home - activity includes apparition of a young woman in the laundry room - a dark figure near the stairs - stones being violently thrown through the air - a floating lavender scent - orbs of light - snorting and whispering noises

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Gwydir Castle: The most significant ghost is a young woman who haunts the North Wing and the panelled corridor between the Hall of Meredith and the Great Chamber. Associated with the sightings is the drop in temperature and the extraordinary smell in the vicinity.

Built in 1260 - Chingle Hall - is one of Britain's most haunted buildings. In the Great Hall, the wood that comprises the beams across the ceiling contains very old, unknown symbols. Scientists tested the wood and found that it came from an old, Viking longboat. In the 1950's the beams spontaneously caught fire that quickly extinguished itself. It's said that over a dozen entities haunt the hall. Activity includes apparitions, physical contact, footfalls, poltergeist activity and much more!

Somerleyton Hall, Lowestoft, Suffolk - several psychics have picked up on the presence of a Scandinavian woman who was pregnant when she was brutally murdered by the baby's father in room 7. The room was sealed for more than 20 years because of the activity within it. Activity includes poltergeist activity, apparitions, footfalls, whispers and more. A high EMF has also been recorded on stairs where there is no electrical wiring, and where the apparition of a Victorian era woman has been seen.

Smurl Poltergeist (1974-87), West Pittson, PA - activity began in 1974 with annoying incidents such as a stain that appeared on the floor and wouldn't go away to a television that burst into flames. However, over time activity increased to seeing apparitions, objects moving on their own, screaming and physical attacks. The Warrens were called to investigate, upon which they discovered 4 entities in the house, one being demonic. It took 4 exorcisms to free the family of the terrifying attacks.

Annesley Hall (Gatehouse) - Considered most haunted place in UK

Alameda Insane Asylum - Outside of stories of rampant abuse and numerous suicides, not a lot is known about the old asylum, only that it's approx. 100 yrs old and has been abandoned for some time. There are, however, many ghost stories involving the old hospital and it is said to be one of the most haunted places in California. Reported paranormal activity includes, loud screams, the feeling of being watched and stood over, a variety apparitions and curtains opening and closing on their own.

Fitz Manor, Shropshire UK - Thought to have originally been a Saxon Hall, the existing building, currently run as Bed & Breakfast, was built in 1450.

Tynedale Farm, Pendle Hill, Lancashire - has been owned by the Nutter family since it was built around 1600. Alice Nutter was found guilty of murder along with 11 other women and was hung for her crimes. It's believed that she and another convicted witch haunt this and the neighboring farm, Lower Well Head. Activity includes full apparitions, footfalls, groans, screams, the feeling of strangulation and more. Members of the Nutter family refuse to stay in the building for long periods of time.

Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, England (Most haunted castle in Britain?)

Annesley Hall - Looking up driveway. Considered most haunted place in UK

Mackenzie Poltergeist - It's said that when a homeless man snuck into the mausoleum for shelter and disturbed the coffin of Sir George Mackenzie (a man responsible for a large number of deaths during his time as judge and lord advocate), his ghost awoke and the activity in the Black Mausoleum began. Since 1999 visitors have reported temperature changes, and some visitors have been physically attacked (350 documented cases) or simply collapsed for no reason.