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Tina Denton
Tina Denton • 1 year ago

Pisces: Live By the Stars Your Decisions Pisces resides in two conflicting worlds, making concrete decision-making difficult. However, the fish is psychically gifted, and your gut feelings will rarely steer you wrong. Next time you're feeling indecisive, tap into your internal wisdom with a crystal pendulum

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Your Mood Empathetic Pisceans are deeply affected by their surroundings, and they feel everything. When they're happy they're extremely exuberant, and when they're sad they become very depressed. Taking time to yourself is essential for your emotional stability. Try grounding practices such as yoga or tai chi.

Your Time Pisceans are notorious for being late. Living in a world where time and space cease to exist, they tend to get so caught up in what they are doing that everything else takes a backseat. So you, my dear Pisces, need to work on being prompt. Be more realistic with your time and how much you're trying to squeeze in.

Your Day of the Week Thursday is Pisces' best day of the week. Set aside Thursday nights to work on a creative project. Whether it's writing poetry, painting, crafting or making a vision board, it's essential to your nature to be artistic.

Your Birthday A true water sign, Pisceans generally have a "go with the flow" attitude, leaving the party planning to the universe's more take-charge characters. You are the zodiac's most selfless sign, and have endeared many friends over the years because of it. Let them show their gratitude by throwing you a party.

Your Home A Pisces feels most alive by the water. If you don't live by the sea, your home must incorporate running-water features and plenty of organic elements. For decor, think fluid: round and curvy art and furniture. A meditation room (or corner, if space is limited), where you can retreat from reality, is a definite must.

Fish Out of Water By Meagan McCrary From Feb. 19 through March 20, the sun's placement will be in Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac calendar. Make a splash like fellow fish Drew Barrymore, Jon Bon Jovi and Rihanna with this personal astrology guide

Your Love Match Deemed the most sensitive astrological sign, Pisces needs someone who understands emotions and can offer the security and reassurance that you need. A fish will give everything to a relationship and should be cherished in return. You deserve a partner who is devoted and equally considerate. Stick to fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio. (Virgo seems to work great too!)