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The other side of Media Matter, hard hitting research of the group that tries to get the others to shut up

... maybe soon, all this will stop?

Breitbart Big Journalism, Love it!

On Tuesday night, Democrats showcased Lilly Ledbetter as she attacked the Republican Party in general and GOP presidential nominee as out-of-touch with women and not committed to closing the so-called gender wage gap. It seems the partisan Ledbetter ignored or is blissfully unaware that female Democratic senators are egregious offenders when it comes to equal pay for their office staff.

Andrew Breitbart: A film about how one man with a website upended the traditional press and repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy. · www.hatingbreitba...

Go away Obama

President Obama's failed policies has yielded more disappointment.  The  American economy only grew a meager 1.5% in the second quarter and we still have unemployment above 8%.  As opined today by Mort Zuckerman of U.S. News and World Report: The unemployment rate under President Obama has averaged over 9 percent. Under George W. Bush, his predecessor, the jobless rate averaged 5.3 percent and was at 6.8 percent in the month his party lost the 2008 election. Job seekers are only one third as ...

Ace Of Spades posted a great piece that takes us back in time to several instances when the media consistently got the story wrong surrounding tragedies that could have political motives.  And those motives were obviously conservative in nature because educated liberals of learned diction could never succumb to mental illness. FLASHBACK: when Dr. Amy Bishop shot her colleagues, the Left speculated that she was a Tea Partier. In fact, she was an Obama donor. FLASHBACK: Discovery Channel hostag...