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Executive And Group Development

Jose Antonio Jarvis, born 11/22/1901, the offspring of a minister of the African Methodist Church, Joseph W. Jarvis & Mercedes Duvergee, a Roman Catholic St. Thomian. Brought up by Ms Mary Hughustein, whom Jarvis referred to as his Godmother, he grew up on Gamble Gade in Savan.

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John Davis Merwin, the son of Miles and Marguerite L Merwin (nee Fleming), was born on St. Croix 9/26/1921. Spending his early childhood on St. Croix, he attended the Antigua Grammar School from which he graduated in 1937.

2/22/1909-7/23/2002 ~ Ariel Melchior Sr., the son of Victoria Rogers and Ephraim Melchoir, demonstrated leadership qualities from the beginning: hard working, thrifty, and dedicated. One of Ms Edith Williams' brightest students, he attended the Moravian Day School in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Interestingly, years later The Daily News of the Virgin Islands, which he & J. Antonio Jarvis co-founded on 8/1/1930, was located in the building that once housed the school.

4/7/1921-1/2/1978 ~ The Honorable Cyril Emmanuel King was inaugurated the 2nd elected Governor of the US Virgin Islands on 1/6/1975. Born on St. Croix, Gov. King attended St. Ann's Catholic School at Barren Spot & graduated from St. Mary's Catholic School in Christiansted. Prior to his Honorable Discharge from the US Army, he served a 20-month tour of duty in Hawaii during World War II.

Dr. Hugo Bornn, musician, professor, aesthete, was born the second child to David and Edith Bornn, both natives of St. Thomas. During his early musical training he attended the Convent School of the Sacred Heart.

Alton A. Adams, musician, journalist, organizer, proprietor, was born on St. Thomas 11/4/1889. He received his education from the schools of the day, namely: Moravian School; Mrs. Vialet School; and was fortunate to have been a student of pioneers of the local system. As was the custom of the period, Mr. Adams continued studies by correspondence courses.

While the Virgin Islands have produced great men whose physical or mental attributes have merited them recognition in our hall of fame, few women have been thus honored. Mildred Verona Nee Watlington Anduze whose achievements as a wife, mother, educator, alturist, was a lady who has contributed to her islands in an area that touches human feelings deeper than many great names can claim. Born 11/9/1891, her parents were Arthur Leopold & Elizabeth D. Watlington (nee Corbiere). (Read more at UVI.)