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Sarahbeth Bede-Morrell
Sarahbeth Bede-Morrell • 2 years ago

"Feminists of pinterest unite! I feel like we're an underground movement, like we're hidden among the masses of thinspo and heterosexism. I want a way to find you all and follow your boards so if you're a feminist and you want to find other feminist pinners REPIN! Spread the word!"

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If your afraid of the word Vagina, that says it all. Biddy Craft/"A State Representative was silenced in Michigan for using the "offensive" word vagina when talking about abortion issues this week."

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"The lie of virginity - the idea that such a thing even exists - is ensuring that young women's perception of themselves is inextricable from their bodies, and that their ability to be moral actors is absolutely dependent on their sexuality. It's time to teach our daughters that their ability to be good people depends on their being good people, not on wether or not they're sexually active. ~ Jessica Valenti" #feminism #equality

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