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GeoVenturing Watershed-Marshal

#CSR Harlan Cleveland's DIKW framework for Knowledge Management/Social Engineering (KM/SE) paradigm shift.

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Essentials of Knowledge Management

"March 16, 2003. Rachel nonviolently blocks Israeli bulldozers from destroying Palestinian homes along the Rafah/Egyptian border along with nine other International Solidarity Movement volunteers. Photos from earlier in the day, NOT OF THE ACTUAL INCIDENT of her death."

William Sowden Sims (October 15, 1858 – September 25, 1936) was an admiral in the United States Navy who sought during the late 19th and early 20th centuries to modernize the Navy. During World War I he commanded all United States naval forces operating in Europe. He also served twice as president of the Naval War College.

  • GeoVenturing Watershed-Marshal

    First of two terms as college president. Sent secretly to the United Kingdom in late March 1917 to discuss cooperation between the Royal Navy and United States Navy in the event of the entry of the United States into World War I. @

  • GeoVenturing Watershed-Marshal

    Second of two terms as college president. Became well-known critic of Washington, D.C.'s direction of United States Navy operations during World War I; published Pulitzer Prize-winning 1920 memoir The Victory at Sea. @

  • GeoVenturing Watershed-Marshal

    During World War I, his unpopular command relationship with the British and his insistence (in the face of much opposition) on the implementation of a convoy system helped turn the tide in the vital war in the Atlantic, which not only saved Great Britain from logistical defeat and ensured that American soldiers were safely transported to Europe, but it also laid the foundation for a mutually supportive British-American relationship that endures to this day and is a cornerstone of U.S. strategy and policy. Sims saw the potential in both air power and submarines long before World War II proved him right. And he was a key member of the group that devised War Plan Orange, which formed the basis of the strategy that ultimately defeated the Japanese in the Pacific.

#CSR More companies need to build these kinds of sites and create interesting meaningful dialoge on corporate responsibility - time to do more than just 'report' your activities!

The Science of Insecurity: In this talk we'll draw a direct connection between this ubiquitous insecurity and basic computer science concepts of Turing completeness and theory of languages.

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